Tipping Point

Ockham’s Razor are are an aerial theatre company who combine circus and visual theatre to make work that is both arresting and entertaining.

Tipping Point is contemporary circus show, created by Ockham’s Razor. Set in the round, the audience is drawn in close, as the action veers from catastrophe to mastery.  Five performers, enclosed within the circle of the stage, transform simple metal poles into a rich landscape of images. The show is a stripped examination at what it takes to reach our limits.

This award-winning show has toured extensively internationally, garnering praise from both critics and audiences alike.

For more information visit: ockhamsrazor.co.uk

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“a touching exploration of trust and betraylal, executed with a playful lightness of touch” – Financial Times

“exhilarating to watch, both thrilling and nerve-racking – a spellbinding performance” – The Stage