Some of the film projects and experiments I have been doing over the past number of years.

What We Have Learned (This Time)

Filmed over a 9-month period, this film is an intimate, behind the scenes look at the circus-theatre company Ockham’s Razor as they create and devise their latest show, This Time.

In the film they explore the challenges they face and the lessons they must learn as they continue to make new and inspirational work.


One of my first film-making attempts

A lighthearted take on the noises that occasionally rattle on in our heads. 

Featuring Ed Rapley and Duncan Cameron.

belly of the whale

Film experiment with Ockham’s Razor during rehearsals in Suffolk for their show ‘Belly of the Whale’.

With thanks to Ockham’s Razor and Old Jet Arts Centre.

Frankie Foxstone

Fly-on-the wall style comedy edit I made with Frankie Foxstone, self-styled property guru. 

Featuring Amy Gwilliam as Frankie Foxstone.